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Timetable (Wednesdays)

Keighley Railway Station 7.20am
B&Q Roundabout 7.22am
Jnct. Royd Ings Ave 7.23am
Swine Lane 7.28am
The Royal - Crossflats 7.33am
Parish Church - Bingley 7.37am
Poplar House Bus Stop 7.40am
Cottingley Roundabout 7.45am
Saltaire Roundabout 7.50am
Car Wash - Saltaire 7.52am
The Branch - Shipley 7.55am
Lister/Manningham Park 8.01am
Hamm Strasse 8.07am
Centenary Square - Bradford 8.10am

What the riders say.

"I always knew cyclists were a friendly bunch but I didn't expect to be picked up on a ride to work one Wednesday morning! That's how I met the Aire Valley Bike Bus. Happily I've been riding with them now for a couple of weeks and it's definitely a much nicer experience than riding alone." - Bike Buser

Cyclists commuting together since 2008.
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